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Founded in 2012 by Mr. Don Jacobi; to offer Badminton play to kids in our community of Fall River. The intended outcome was to teach kids ages 12-18 years of age, the sport of Badminton and give them the tools to compete through Badminton Nova Scotia tournaments, if they wish. Several of the participants have ranked provincially and continue to grow in the sport.

The club has grown to include residents of the HRM and surrounding areas, and expanded the age group. We welcome new members as we continue to grow and develop this technical sport, known for its good motor coordination and sophisticated racquet movements. Badminton demands excellent fitness, including aerobic stamina, agility, explosive strength, speed and precision. All the skills which we focus to develop through fun, play and optional training.

Badminton has been enjoyed for nearly 150 years and was added to the Summer Olympics in 1992, and classified as a Category C sport. Typically five (5) disciplines are offered in any tournament – Boys Singles, Girls Singles, Boys Doubles, Girls Doubles and Mixed Doubles.

The Badminton World Federation (BWF) - is the internationally recognized governing body of the sport. Five regional confederations are associated with BWF, including Badminton Pan Am -, serving North and South America, with 33 associations (Canadian association -

It is recommended all players and parents become familiar with the local association - Badminton Nova Scotia (BNS) - and the rules of safe play.